The bulk of my work is porcelain which is fired to Cone 10 (2330 F) in my electric
kiln. I do a large amount of glaze testing and tweaking, and am particularly interested
in developing a depth and variety of colour in my work by overspraying multiple
glazes.  Most recently, I attended a week long workshop with Tom Coleman (2008)
and a four day workshop with Steven Hill (2009). Both of these workshops were
extremely beneficial, and ideas and techniques that were presented have strongly
influenced my most recent work. I have been distorting the shapes, slowly getting
braver with my colours and surface decoration, and am keen to see where this all
takes me.
I first became interested in pottery after taking
a class at the Kingston Potter's Guild in 1990
while studying at Queen's (Philosophy). After
several years as a dedicated hobby potter I
decided to pursue a full time career in clay
and realized that some formal training would
be good. I then attended the Emily Carr
Institute and Design in Vancouver from
1995-1998.  After graduating  with a BFA
and Diploma in Studio Ceramics, I returned to
Kingston to establish my studio. I spent the
first year hunkered down in my parents'
basement, tracking down used equipment and
establishing relationships with galleries to
carry my work. In 1999, I officially opened
Black Dog Pottery in a small storefront on
Montreal Street. The next year I moved to my
current location.